The Public Interest Advocacy Centre wants the auction of spectrum in 2500 MHz band to conducted with the objective of furthering competition in the provision of wireless service. PIAC filed reply comments yesterday in the federal government consultation responding to the calls by some incumbents for Industry Canada to abandon the practice of reserving spectrum for new entrants.
PIAC, noting that 3 companies currently have the rights 85% of spectrum and Bell, Rogers and their joint affiliate Inukshuk own nearly 2/3 of the 2500MHz spectrum, submitted that Industry Canada should continue to foster competition by capping the incumbents ability to acquire new spectrum.
“This is not simply a matter of getting the most money, but also of fostering the most efficient market for wireless,” said Michael Janigan, General Counsel for PIAC.
PIAC’s submission responded to predictions of service loss by the incumbents by noting that the UK regulator Ofcom had shown that new technologies were enlarging spectrum capacity significantly beyond current estimates. Partly as a result, Ofcom has been intent on ensuring that at least 4 national networks exist in the UK.

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