The CRTC will hold hearings in April 2016 about whether the internet is an essential part of Canadians’ lives and, if so, what speeds would be appropriate for a ‘basic’ level of internet service and how to make it available and affordable to all Canadians.
PIAC recently filed submissions for this hearing (formally called the “Review of basic telecommunications services”) with a group of other public interest and low-income advocacy groups (calling ourselves the “Affordable Access Coalition”) in preparation for this hearing. To help you understand our position, we are posting our main documents in this news brief and we will keep it updated going forward.  If you have any questions about our position, please contact us at:
Affordable Access Coalition – Phase One Intervention – 14 July 2015
Affordable Access Coalition – Cover Letter
Affordable Access Coalition – Phase One Intervention
Edgardo Sepulveda – Curriculum Vitae
Appendix A – Environics June 2015 Survey Results
Appendix B – Funding Support for Low-Income Canadians and for Broadband Deployment
Appendix C – No Consumer Left Behind: A Canadian Affordability Framework for Communications Services in a Digital Age
Appendix D – Summary of Federal and Provincial Government Funding for Broadband Access
Appendix E – 2015 Survey on Telecom and Broadband Services Detailed Banner Tables
Affordable Access Coalition – Further Intervention – 1 Feb 2016
Affordable Access Coalition – Further Intervention Cover Letter
Affordable Access Coalition TNC 2015-134 – Further Intervention – Filing
Appendix A – Environics Affordability Survey Results
Appendix B – Sepulveda Revised Report
Appendix C – Sepulveda Revised Report
Appendix D – Database for Sepulveda Revised Report
Appendix E – ISP Advertised Internet Speeds
Affordable Access Coalition – Final Submissions – June 2016
Affordable Access Coalition – Final Submission – TNC 2015-134
Affordable Access Coalition – Final Reply Comments – TNC 2015-134