Mr. John Lawford
Research Counsel
Public interest Advocacy Centre
1 Nicholas Street, Suite 1204
Ottawa, Ontario
Dear Mr. Lawford:
I am writing in response to your letter received by fax on December 19, 2003. Thank you for your congratulations on my recent appointment and for raising such an important issue with regard to naming names of respondents.
As I have stated publicly, this office will give serious consideration to the question of in what situation the identities should be made public. It must be part of a structured approach with rational, defendable reasons to support it. As you know, the law states that we “may” make public any information but it does not state that we have to. However, there may be compelling reasons to do so.
You have my assurance that I will, in conjunction with the Assistant Commissioners, study this issue in further detail.
Jennifer Stoddart
Privacy Commissioner of Canada