Please give us your two cents worth about payphones . . .
. . . because Bell Canada has applied to raise payphone prices by two quarters.

That’s 50 cents MORE per call. Raise payphone rates from 50 cents a call to up to $1. That’s a 100% price increase.
We are the Public Interest Advocacy Centre ( and we are representing people who use payphones, including those without landlines or cell phones, before the CRTC. We don’t think Bell’s proposed payphone charge increase is right.
But we want you to give your two cents worth to the CRTC on Bell’s proposed price increase to four quarters (or one whole loonie) for payphone calls made with coins. That’s because the CRTC will decide whether to give Bell this price raise or not. And whether you’ll have to find more coins to make a call.
But you have to hurry. The CRTC is having a written hearing on Bell’s request and you have to let them know what you think by March 30, 2012. Please take the time to write the CRTC by a letter or by filling out their comments form on the CRTC website. Your opinion counts!
Please fill out the CRTC’s comment form by clicking on this link, scrolling to “Application for Pay Telephone Rate Increase”, clicking on the “Submit” button and following the instructions:
Or write a letter to the CRTC at: Secretary General, CRTC, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N2
If you have trouble with the CRTC comment form, please call: 1-877-249-2782 (Toll-free); by toll-free TTY: 1-877-909-2782; by fax: 819-994-0218
If you want more information from the CRTC on Bell’s application, it’s available at the CRTC offices or from this link:
If you want more information about PIAC, PIAC’s position, or more information about this requested price raise, please e-mail PIAC at: or send a letter to: Public Interest Advocacy Centre, ONE Nicholas Street, Suite
1204, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1N 7B7
Thank you for giving the CRTC your two cents worth!
Flyer for printing and posting:

thumb_pdfPlease give us your two cents worth about payphones . . .
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Merci de donner votre opinion quant aux services téléphoniques payants . . .
. . . car Bell Canada demande une hausse du tarif des services téléphoniques payants de deux fois vingt-cinq cents. Soit 50 cents DE PLUS par appel. Une hausse qui fait passer le tarif d’un appel de 50 cents à 1,00 dollar. Autrement dit, une augmentation de 100 % du prix.

thumb_pdfDownload File: piac_payphone_french.pdf [size: 0.7 mb]