October 18, 2007
PIAC today filed comments on the Government’s “Customer Name and Address Information Consultation” Document, otherwise known as “Lawful Access”, that is, the proposal to give police and government the power to intercept certain information from telecommunications providers such as Internet service providers and telephone companies. The initiative appears to consider allowing government to ask for certain information about, for example, personal e-mails and web surfing habits. Certain possible “safeguards” are proposed but none is subject to the level of public scrutiny that one would expect in Canada, according to PIAC, and it appears judges will have either no or only a limited role in deciding what the government and police may demand from telecommunications companies.
PIAC Comments are found here:
PIAC Comments on “Customer Name and Address Information Consultation” [pdf file: 0.04mb]

thumb_pdfPIAC Comments on “Customer Name and Address Information Consultation
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