(June 5, 2008, Ottawa, Ontario) Members of a large coalition of Canadian consumer advocates released an open letter today to Canada’s ministers responsible for Canadian copyright policy. This letter is concerning a White Paper on Canadian Consumer Copyright policy the groups have published. White Paper participants include Option consommateurs, the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC), the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC), and the grassroots digital activism organization, Online Rights Canada.
David Fewer, staff counsel for CIPPIC, explains the rationale behind the White Paper. “Industry Minister Jim Prentice has stated that the government’s copyright bill will balance the interests of copyright owners with those of consumers. Yet, astonishingly, the government has not consulted with a single consumer group to determine how to do this. We have decided to come forward on our own, then, with a vision of copyright that puts Canadians’ interests first.”
“This White Paper sets the standard against which any government copyright bill will be judged,” says John Lawford, a staff lawyer with PIAC. “We have therefore brought Canadian consumers’ views to the government.”
The consumer groups offering the Canadian Consumer Copyright White Paper are part of a larger coalition of consumer groups that have indicated that they will champion consumer interests in the coming debate over the proper scope of Canadian digital copyright laws.
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Canadian Consumers Copyright White Paper
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