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Financial Service Sector Reform

Wednesday, December 15th, 1999
This letter is to urge you to take action to ensure that the financial sector reform is in fact a true reform for Canadian consumers.

Negative Option Marketing

Thursday, December 2nd, 1999
We would first like to extend our thanks to the chair and members of this committee for extending an invitation to speak to this issue which has long tried the patience of consumer advocates. We commend the efforts of the honourable member from Sarnia-Lambton for his efforts in sponsoring this legislation to address this problem.

Time to cut up your debit card?

Tuesday, October 12th, 1999
Letter to the Minister of Finance about “No-Name” Bank Machines

Future of the Canadian Financial Services Sector

Saturday, January 30th, 1999
Overall, PIAC strongly supports the consumer-oriented recommendations of the Taskforce. While we may recommend some modest changes Taskforce's recommendations, we view the Taskforce recommendations as setting out a positive blueprint for consumers in the financial services sector. The Taskforce's recommendations on consumer matters are particularly important in light of its other recommendations such as allowing banks to sell insurance and lease cars, and allowing major mergers to proceed under certain conditions.

Future of the Canadian Financial Services Sector – Presentation

Tuesday, October 27th, 1998
Presentation to the Standing Committee on Finance

Letter re ATM fees

Wednesday, December 31st, 1969
I have noticed that individuals who are not customers with your financial institution must pay additional user fees when making cash withdrawals from some of the Automated Banking Machines operated by your financial institution. This practice roughly doubles the fees non-clients have paid in the past for such transactions.
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