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Newsletter – April 1997, Vol.4 No.1

Saturday, April 26th, 1997
CRTC Abandons and Privatizes Community Channel, Railway Abandonment Delayed, Cable Competition, Telephone Access: Key Survival Tool in Danger

Newsletter – December 1996, Vol.2, No.3

Thursday, December 26th, 1996
CRTC Rejects Phone Company “Budget Services”, Consumers make splash in CRTC Proceeding on Local Phone Competition, CRTC Price Cap Proceeding – Can A Price Cap keep down local rates?

Newsletter – September 1996, Vol.2, No.2

Thursday, September 26th, 1996
Competition in Cable TV Pending!, Local Phone Service – Will You Have a Choice?, Survey Shows Importance of Telephone Service, Negative Option Marketing – Is It Dead?

Newsletter – March 1996, Vol.2, No.1

Tuesday, March 26th, 1996
Pats Coalition takes on Phone Giants, “Blueprint for Action” for Phone Battle, Consumers Push for Real Competition in Telecommunications, New PIAC study: Citizen Utility Boards – Can They Work in Canada?

Newsletter – September 1995, Vol.1, No.2

Tuesday, September 26th, 1995
CRTC Convergence Report: Is GoodBad News for Consumers!, Basic and Essential Service, Consumers Make Waves at CRTC Hearing, Local Competition Rules Next on Agenda, Bell Canada Raises Prospect of Pay-as-you-go Local Service, Deposit Insurance Report Released, PIAC-Fights Telephone Company fee hikes., Consumer Protection Report Released.
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