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Newsletter – September 2000, Vol.7, No.2

Tuesday, September 26th, 2000
Local Telecommunications: Where's the Competition?, Consumer Protection in ECommerce, Moving Foward on Privacy, New Report: Banking in Rural Canada: Ensuring Rural Consumers Have Adequate Service, Proposed Rules for Payday Lenders Present a Dilemma for Consumer Advocates

Newsletter – April 2000, Vol.7, No.1

Wednesday, April 26th, 2000
Privacy Protection on the Way – Bill C-6 Finally Passes!, Keeping Police Powers in Check, Protecting Consumers Online: Standards for ECommerce, Telecommunications Regulation: What's Up?, Internet “Have” and “Have-nots” in Canada split along Social Class Lines!

Newsletter – November, 1999 Vol.6, No.3

Friday, November 26th, 1999
Skies Wide Shut: Airline Competition on Standby, No Prescription For Privacy: Druggist Misdiagnose Bill C-6, New Report: Utility Shopping – Are Consumers Ready?, Summer Follies: CRTC's 411 Caper

Newsletter – August, 1999 Vol.6, No.2

Thursday, August 26th, 1999
Consumers Benefit Through New Federal Banking Policies and Regulation, Consumers Finally to Get a Say in Some Basic Cable TV Prices, New Report: “Consumer Issues in Electronic Commerce”, Legislated Privacy Protection Still in Limbo

Newsletter – May 1999 Vol.6, No.1

Wednesday, May 26th, 1999
Action Alert: Personal Information Privacy in Peril!, CRTC Holds New Media Hearing, PIAC Working with Industry to Develop Code of Practice for E-Commerce, Benefits of Long Distance Competition in Question

Newsletter- December 1998 Vol.5 No.2

Saturday, December 26th, 1998
Banking Mergers: Consumers Safe From Mergers For Now But Continued Vigilance Needed!, New PIAC Study Calls for Federal Funding, Better Co-ordination for Public Access to the Internet., Benefits of long distance competition in question., Tips to Save Money on Long Distance!, Tips for Shopping On-Line!

Newsletter – October 1998 Vol.5 No.2

Monday, October 26th, 1998
Telecom Service in High Cost Areas: Will it survive competition?, Privacy Protection on the Way!, Electronic Commerce and Consumer Protection, CRTC holds hearings on Canadian Television Policy, New Report: Tied Selling in Banking., Energy Competition Act

Newsletter – April 1998 Vol.5, No.1

Sunday, April 26th, 1998
PIAC Advocates Stronger Privacy Laws, Telco Price Caps Now In Effect, CRTC Examines Telephone Service in High Cost Areas. Banking on Consumer Power, New Reports

Newsletter – December 1997 Vol.4 No.3

Friday, December 26th, 1997
4-1-1 Charges Appealed, Unlisted Number Service, PIAC Commissions Special Study on Government's Plans to Auction Spectrum, Ontario Government White Paper Proposes Change, Amendments to the Telecommunications Act, New Reports

Newsletter – August 1997 Vol.4 No.2

Tuesday, August 26th, 1997
SPECIAL FEATURE: Phone Rate Battle Rages Again., DID THE CRTC BLOW IT????, Proposed Cable Regulations May Leave Consumers Out of the Picture!, Phase II IHAC Recommendations address Access Issues, New Publications
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