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We Fight for That – Episode 5 –The Epic Battle for Your Privacy with Yuka Sai

Tuesday, March 16th, 2021
We discuss Bill C-11, a proposed law to change our federal private sector privacy act that protects consumers private information when they deal with businesses. PIAC's articling student, Yuka Sai, joins John Lawford to discuss the epic battle between business, with an assist from the federal government, and consumers over privacy. This battle centres on Bill C-11 and in particular, the part called the "Consumer Privacy Protection Act". This doublespeak title hides the facts that the bill will amend our present Canadian private sector privacy act, the Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), to allow collection and use of your personal information for any "business purpose" without your consent. This is a reversal of the law that, what, they thought we would just not notice? Seriously?

We Fight for That – Episode 4 – Broadcasting and Why it Matters to You with Monica Auer

Thursday, December 24th, 2020
The CanCon is coming! The CanCon is coming! Or not.  Today we discuss Bill C-10, An Act to amend the Broadcasting Act and to make related and consequential amendments to other Acts, phew! Today's guest Monica Auer, Executive Director of Canada’s Forum for Research and Policy in Communications (FRPC) strives mightily to explain broadcasting regulation in Canada and how the federal government wants to change it.  What could go wrong? Turns out a lot, if you hurry to do it, have a very specific goal in mind but ignore the rest, and just rip the heart out of it. Surgery or a roadmap? You decide.
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