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Transport Canada Finally Agrees to Implement All-in Pricing for Air Fares

Ottawa) The Public Interest Advocacy Centre, a member of the travel industry and consumer coalition the Travel Protection Initiative (TPI) that pushed for all-in price advertising for airline prices in the previous decade, expressed its satisfaction that Transport Canada will finally move ahead to implement the legislation that mandates airline regulations to provide a ticket price to passengers inclusive of all extra charges.

“Travel agencies in Ontario and Quebec have had to do the same for years, and at the same time, compete with airlines offering flights at a small fraction of the total cost,”noted Michael Janigan, executive director and general counsel of the Public Interest Advocacy Centre. Janigan noted that the amendment to clause 27 of the Canada Transportation Act is over 4 1/2 years old, and its implementation was strongly opposed by Air Canada.

The Province of Quebec, however, had recently began to enforce provisions of similar effect in the provincial consumer law and according to Janigan, “the writing may have been on the wall”.

PIAC will participate in the consultation process associated with the making of the new regulations for airline pricing. “It may be one element of the carnival barker approach to airline advertising might be removed, at last,” said Janigan.

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Michael Janigan
Executive Director and General Counsel
Public Interest Advocacy Centre
Tele No.: 613 562-4002×26


Government of Canada moves forward with changes to airfare advertising

OTTAWA, Dec. 16, 2011 /CNW/ – The Government of Canada will proceed with regulations requiring Canadian air carriers to include all fees and taxes in
their advertised prices. Transport Canada release.

16 Décembre 2011 09:39
Le gouvernement du Canada modifie la réglementation sur la publicité en matière de tarification aérienne

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