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Newsletter – September 1996, Vol.2, No.2

Thursday, September 26th, 1996
Competition in Cable TV Pending!, Local Phone Service – Will You Have a Choice?, Survey Shows Importance of Telephone Service, Negative Option Marketing – Is It Dead?

Newsletter – March 1996, Vol.2, No.1

Tuesday, March 26th, 1996
Pats Coalition takes on Phone Giants, “Blueprint for Action” for Phone Battle, Consumers Push for Real Competition in Telecommunications, New PIAC study: Citizen Utility Boards – Can They Work in Canada?

Newsletter – September 1995, Vol.1, No.2

Tuesday, September 26th, 1995
CRTC Convergence Report: Is GoodBad News for Consumers!, Basic and Essential Service, Consumers Make Waves at CRTC Hearing, Local Competition Rules Next on Agenda, Bell Canada Raises Prospect of Pay-as-you-go Local Service, Deposit Insurance Report Released, PIAC-Fights Telephone Company fee hikes., Consumer Protection Report Released.

Basic Telephone Service in the Information Age: A Consumer Perspective

Wednesday, May 12th, 1993
Increasingly, telecommunications is seen as a strategic investment. There is no doubt that widespread and innovative uses of advanced telecommunications technology by Canadian business will improve our economic health. But in this enthusiasm to embrace the information age, we must not lose sight of the public utility function of the technology. As much as it has become a strategic investment, telecommunications remains a public utility, which should be available to all citizens regardless of income level.

Digital Authentication and Consumers’ Privacy

Wednesday, December 31st, 1969

Letter re ATM fees

Wednesday, December 31st, 1969
I have noticed that individuals who are not customers with your financial institution must pay additional user fees when making cash withdrawals from some of the Automated Banking Machines operated by your financial institution. This practice roughly doubles the fees non-clients have paid in the past for such transactions.
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