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Chinese Delegation Visits PIAC to Study Wireless Consumer Issues

Visit with PIAC_Nov172014

PIAC was honoured to have a delegation from the Ministry of
Industry and Information Technology in China visit our offices.
The delegation was seeking information on consumer complaint
mechanisms and redress in wireless service, which PIAC is deeply
involved in.

The Ministry is the telecommunications and internet regulator and
is looking to use a similar wireless code and ombudsman system
for wireless consumers in China. PIAC members fielded questions
from the 23 delegates about the Wireless Code’s implementation
and how it is working for consumers as well as protection of consumers
interests in the wireless sector.

PIAC and the group also had a discussion about related issues such
as increasing competitiveness amongst providers, and establishing
common ground for information exchange between Canada and

PIAC was pleased to participate in this professional exchange of
ideas and wishes the delegation the best of luck with their work.

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