PIAC welcomes the CRTC’s decision to implement the Television Service Provider Code (Code), allowing Canadians to make well-informed choices. CCTS, an independent ombudsman, will now review consumer complaints about TV subscriptions.
Visa Canada and MasterCard Canada recently announced agreements that will eventually allow merchants to impose checkout fees or surcharges on credit card transactions. This post explores a few of the possible implications for Canadian consumers.
A number of securities regulators in Canada are backing away from discussions to introduce a regulatory best interest standard. PIAC believes it is time to demand leadership on this issue from another source-the Ontario Minister of Finance, Charles Sousa.
PIAC Executive Director and General Counsel John Lawford explains the CRTC’s decision to disallow Vidéotron’s “Unlimited Music” offer and effectively most similar “differential pricing” or “zero-rating” deals. Mr. Lawford notes that under Canadian telecommunications law, Internet Service Providers must follow the principle of non-discrimination. The CRTC was merely upholding the law; Internet Service Providers are subject to common carriage rules and must effectively transfer all data, to all persons, equally.
The United Airlines Incident in the United States this week reinforces PIAC's continued call for an Airline Code and an Air Passenger Complaints Commissioner in Canada. See how you can help.
Canadians continue to need a comprehensive financial consumer code and an ombudsman to address consumer complaints arising under such a code.
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