Harry Gow

Harry Gow has advocated for public transport consumers for over five decades.. He founded Transport 2000 (Action)  Canada in 1976 and Transport 2000 Québec in 1977.  His work in social and health service management and in teaching  at Ottawa University led to him carrying  out a research-action project for Health Canada in Western Québec, leading to the creation of four county-wide rural transit systems. He was invited by the Mayor of Ottawa to take part in the creation of Ottawa’s light rail system. Throughout much of this activity he has been a member of the PIAC Board, and was its Chairman for several years. He was re-elected as Chair of the Board on 25 June 2021.

Leigha Worth

Leigha Worth is the Executive Director and General Counsel for BCPIAC. Previously, Leigha had a diverse legal practice in a variety of situations. She’s been a sole practitioner, a contract lawyer, in-house counsel, out-house counsel, and she was one of two founding partners of one of Vancouver’s most progressive union-side labour, employment, elections law, and utility regulation firms. She is a legal renaissance woman who is equally comfortable dealing with issues that touch on human rights, administrative, employment, utility regulation, criminal, prison, aboriginal, and constitutional law.

Jonathan Schachter

Jonathan Schachter is a Toronto based lawyer with Sotos LLP, with his practice areas including class actions, consumer protection litigation, competition and price fixing, privacy litigation, professional liability litigation, and trademarks and intellectual property litigation and arbitration.

Benjamin Klass

Benjamin Klass is a PhD candidate at Carleton University’s School of Journalism and Communication. His dissertation, which is set for completion during the 2021-2022 term, examines the evolution and adaptation of Canadian communication law, policy, and regulations alongside changes in industry structure and communication habits associated with the widespread diffusion and adoption of broadband telecommunications technologies. Mr. Klass holds a Master of Arts from the University of Manitoba and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from the University of Toronto.

Ken Rubin

Ken Rubin is an Ottawa-based public interest researcher, a citizens’ advocate, an author, a civil libertarian, and an organic farmer. He is a well known commentator on the right to information (RTI) and secrecy practices in Canada.

Honourary Members

  • William H. Hurlbert
  • Michael Mac Neil
  • Andrew J. Roman