Board of Directors Profile: Barbara Carra – Calgary

Barb Carra


Dr. Barb Carra is Chief Operating Officer at Cybera, the not-for-profit technology-neutral agency dedicated to accelerating technology adoption in Alberta.

With a background in multidisciplinary research, spatial statistics and data modeling, Barb brings a decade of experience in data analytics and policy to Cybera. This expertise allows her to act as a bridge between the research and technical domains, steering Cybera’s strategic goals, mandates and operational direction. Barb spearheaded the development of the policy and strategic initiatives team at Cybera, and elevated the company’s involvement in ICT policy and advocacy. She led the development of Cybera’s three-year strategic plan, and built the blueprint for how Cybera will advance ICT in Alberta. She also guides the organizations responses to government ICT interventions, including two recent CRTC reviews of Canadian telecommunications.

Given that Cybera operates at the forefront of the technology industry, Barb is responsible for staying on top of the latest provincial and federal policies and priorities that pertain to Alberta’s research, education and innovation sectors. She is focused on developing ICT partnerships and initiatives that will advance the research, analytics and innovation landscape in Alberta.

Barb earned her MSc at the University of Calgary and her PhD in Geography and Environmental Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University.

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