OTTAWA– (16 November 2020) Consumer privacy in Canada will be destroyed if Bill C-11, the Digital Charter Implementation Act, 2020 [including Part 1 – Consumer Privacy Protection Act], is passed, said the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (“PIAC”) today .
This new Bill is intended to replace and strengthen the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”) and but conversely hurts consumer privacy by removing key consent requirements.
PIAC Executive Director, John Lawford stated: “We are aghast that the federal government feels it can weaken consumer privacy with a doublespeak Bill that removes a consumer’s right to protect his or her personal information that is used for any ‘business activity’ if it is ‘de-identified’ or used for what the government deems is a ‘socially beneficial purpose’. This counterproductive Bill should be withdrawn and rewritten to protect consumers, not to favour big business,” he added.
Other changes to privacy brought about by the Bill, such as  Privacy Commissioner order making power and increased fining power, and the creation of a separate “Privacy Tribunal” do not counter the fundamental flaw built into the Bill, according to PIAC. “People should not look at the shiny new toys offered in this Bill – what one hand is giving, the other is very much taking away,” added Lawford.
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