*** UPDATE ***
As of 24 December 2018, thanks to your generous donations, PIAC will be open at least until mid-January. The fight is not over, however, to our supporters and those who gave so generously, THANK YOU, we will keep working to survive and thrive.  Happy Holidays all! – JL

For over four decades, PIAC has been your consumer voice in Canada. We have consistently fought for fair treatment, fair pricing, and your fundamental rights as people, not just customers.
PIAC’s work has never been more important: major corporations are more powerful than ever in Canada. But PIAC itself has never been more threatened. We face an acute funding crunch and will be unable to keep going without your urgent help.


PIAC’s business model has always balanced on a knife-edge. PIAC staff and legal counsel do expert legal and advocacy work, and regulators like the CRTC reimburse these modest costs.
Over the last few years, our cost awards have been paid later and later, hurting our ability to operate. Now, after another unreasonable delay, PIAC needs your help now to keep our work going.
Will you donate today to keep us fighting for affordable internet, cheaper phone bills, airline passenger rights, and more?
I believe in the work we do, and our long record of consumer wins is a testament to the success we’ve had together. It’s crucial that this work continues. If you agree, please support us now.
For our consumer rights,
John Lawford
Executive Director
Public Interest Advocacy Centre