When a customer of Tello Mobile (a US wireless service provider) roams in Canada, they pay 3¢/minute for calls and 1¢/SMS. Plus, the customer does not have to top-up their account to keep it from expiring.
That kind of innovative and affordable plan for occasional users just is not available to Canadians. Many wireless service providers do not offer any plan suitable for occasional users, while others charge up to 50¢/minute for local calls, 30¢/SMS, and $2/MB.
The Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) and National Pensioners Federation (NPF) have filed an application with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) today seeking to address this market gap.
PIAC hopes that this application will lead to innovative and affordable plans for occasional users being introduced into the Canadian market. These plans should lower the entry-level cost of cellphone adoption and make telecommunications more affordable for the occasional users like seniors with landlines and low-income persons who appreciate the control and flexibility provided by pay-as-you-go plans.
PIAC-NPF’s application is available here. You can tell the CRTC what you think of our application here.