Home internet consumers will be better protected under today’s changes by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to the competitor quality of service regime.
The competitor quality of service regime makes sure that incumbent providers, like Bell and Telus, provide a high quality of services to wholesale customers like TekSavvy. The regime makes sure that the incumbent’s technicians schedule installations and repairs in a timely manner, and actually carry them out.
PIAC intervened in this proceeding to argue that the competitor quality of service regime remains necessary and should be extended to the “High-Speed Access” wholesale services used to deliver home internet over cable and fiber. The CRTC listened to our concerns and has adopted a clearer set of quality of service measures which apply to all the mandated wholesale services used to support home internet.
PIAC argued that the service indicators should assure timely installation and repairs, whereas incumbents and cable companies had argued that a complaints based regime was sufficient. The CRTC has started a process to set measures and standards consistent with our proposal. This will ensure that appointments are met, and are met in a timely fashion.