PIAC has received complaints from the public that service providers are refusing to unlock devices locked to their network for persons who are not current customers of the service provider. PIAC was surprised to find that the Commission staff apparently have been supporting this position through social media, notably through Twitter and Reddit.
To address this issue, PIAC has filed the below application with the CRTC.
PIAC – Part 1 App – Device unlocking and notification of interpretations
This application requests that the CRTC clarify that wireless service providers (WSPs) must unlock all devices locked to their network, not just those associated with ongoing monthly service plans. Should the Commission deem it necessary or appropriate, this application requests that the Commission order WSPs to unlock all devices locked to their network and to make a consequential amendment to the Wireless Code. This application also requests that the Commission direct its staff, and request that the Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS) request its staff, to formally document and notify the public, regulated parties and regular interveners before the CRTC when they provide interpretation or public advice regarding consumer protections under the Wireless Code.