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Consumer Groups given leave to appeal CRTC $650 million Deferral Account Decision
OTTAWA—Consumer groups learned this week that the Federal Court of Appeal has granted them leave to appeal a February 16 CRTC Decision allowing major telephone companies to use money, raised by overcharging for local phone service, to build broadband capacity instead of rebating customers.
On March 20 consumer groups, composed of the National Anti-Poverty Organization (NAPO) and the Consumers Association of Canada (CAC), sought leave to appeal the CRTC Decision.
“We are pleased to have a chance to convince the court the money should be returned to consumers,” said Michael Janigan, General Counsel for the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) which represents the Consumer groups in this proceeding.
The Consumer Groups will now file the appeal documents with the Federal Court of Appeal with a hearing and decision expected in 2007.
Michael Janigan
Executive Director and General Counsel
Public Interest Advocacy Centre
613 562-4002×26

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