Time for Common Sense Protection in Light of Jetsgo Collapse

According to Michael Janigan, the Executive Director and General Counsel of the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, the demise of Jetsgo highlights the gaps in consumer protection that exist in the Canadian airline industry.
“If the failure of an airline is to be treated by the government in the same way as the failure of a corner grocery store, pretty soon consumers will be fleeing airline travel in bigger numbers”, said Janigan. He noted the incomplete protection that is provided for out-of-pocket passengers through credit card charge backs and compensation funds for travel agency purchases made in three provinces only, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec.
“Every airline, licensed in Canada, should be made to participate in a Compensation Fund and abide by the same rules associated with travel advertising and practices that are in place for travel agencies in Ontario and Quebec,” Janigan noted. “If the federal government intends consumers to be protected by competition, it has to ensure that all competitors are part of a system that will not leave passengers in the lurch”.
Janigan urged Jetsgo’s jilted passengers, who paid for their tickets with a credit card, to immediately contact the credit card company to ascertain whether a charge back is possible. Passengers booking through travel agencies in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec were urged to contact the provincial government regulatory agency responsible for compensation.
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